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Celebrating Eight Years of Community Outreach and Advocacy 

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Diabetes Support Group: C.U.B.S (Coping. Understanding. Bonding. Supporting)
Helping to understand the emotional, practical and social aspects of diabetes...
    At Ruby A. Neeson Diabetes Awareness Foundation, Inc., our goal is to provide a source of support to those affected by diabetes. Since 2012, we continue to offer education and group fellowship through our Diabetes Support Group, C.U.B.S..

C.U.B.S is a community collaborative partnership, in an innovative approach to aid those affected by diabetes to help them better understand the emotional, social, and viable aspects of diabetes.

We encourage those affected by diabetes to get involved and join our support group to experience greater success; be encouraged by the success of others, and have the opportunity to learn about issues that affect people with diabetes.

We understand, and are dedicated to help support you on this journey. 

We offer: 
· Group Fellowship
· Diabetes Educational Topics
· Emotional Support and Resources
· Grief, Loss, and Bereavement Support 
· Coping Approaches 
· Encouragement
· Group Outings
· Occasional Guest Speakers

Our various support group meets once a month. For meeting times and location, please click on your group of interest below, or email

Healthy DeKalb
Faith-Based Organization
Senior/Older Adult
Workplace Wellness

Join us. We will welcome you with warmth, smiles, well wishes and attentive listening ears. 

January Group Meeting: Vision of Health
Learn how diabetes affects your vision and what you can do to maintain eye health. Create a vision board to see a healthier you! 

February Group Meeting: Diabetes and Heart Health
Learn how diabetes affects your heart and how to reduce your risk for heart disease. 

​March Group Meeting: Diabetes and Nutrition
Learn how to read nutrition labels and make healthy food choices to manage diabetes. Featuring a fun activity, 'Nutrition Unscrambled a food label game. 

April Group Meeting: Diabetes and Stress
Stress can affect your health. Learn tips to cope with stress and anxiety. Featuring a fun activity and game, 'Keep Calm and Squeeze Stress Ball, a game created by RANDAF!

May Group Meeting: Diabetes and Tobacco
Tobacco use increases your risk for diabetes and health complications related to diabetes. Learn tips for stopping tobacco use.  

June Group Meeting: Diabetes and Men's Health 
​It's Men's Health Month! Learn healthy lifestyle tips specifically for men. Come and lean the rules to our new sport, 'Fitness Ball! 20 Plays for Men created by our peer support specialist, Lucious Smith.

July Group Meeting: Diabetes and Workplace Wellness
Physical activity can lower your glucose level and reduce diabetes' complications. Learn how to embrace a healthy lifestyle, even in the workplace. 

August Group Meeting: Emotional Aspects of Diabetes
Having diabetes can have an emotional impact on you and your loved ones. Learn ways to cope with diabetes and practice mindfulness to overcome negative emotions.

September Group Meeting'Ask the Pharmacist
Pharmacists are a key source of education, medication, monitoring and motivational support for people with diabetes. Join us for an in-depth discussion with a pharmacist. 

October Group Meeting: Diabetes and Dental Health
Diabetes can have an effect on the entire body-- including teeth and gums. Great news! You can take control of your oral health. Prevention is key. Learn proper care methods and tips to maintain a healthy mouth and strong teeth.

November Group MeetingDiabetes and Family Health History
Having a family history of Type 2 diabetes may put you at greater risk of having prediabetes and developing diabetes. Join us for a fun activity addressing the genetic likelihood of diabetes. Learn risk factors, simple steps to preventing diabetes, and genealogy research tips.

December Group MeetingDiabetes and Holiday Meal Planning
Keep track of diabetes management while still enjoying festive foods. Learn tips for having a healthy diabetes-appropriate holiday meal, and engage in a live meal-prep demonstration.

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