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Celebrating Eight Years of Community Outreach and Advocacy 

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        Ruby A. Neeson Diabetes Awareness Foundation, Inc. Healthy Kids Club is a program designed to strengthen, encourage, and enhance health and wellness knowledge in children. Those in grades 2nd through 5th are invited and welcome to join our student-focused group fellowship. During each club assembly, students will connect to experience activities that promote: nutrition education, physical fitness, math and science, childhood-socialization, and the importance of community services and volunteerism. 
Healthy Kids...
Start the day with a healthy breakfast!
Healthy Kids...
Move more by including physical activity into their daily routine. Try to get between 30 and 60 minutes of physical activity each day. 
Healthy Kids...
Drink plenty of fluids. We recommend water, and low-fat or nonfat milk. 
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Let health and wellness knowledge be a ​leading light, to keep your future looking bright.
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