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Celebrating 12 Years of Community Outreach and Advocacy 

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Program Testimonial
    Ruby A. Neeson Diabetes Awareness Foundation, Inc. is the only community-based organization that actively yield comprehensive guidance through social programs that specifically elevate social, emotional, and economic wellness throughout the state of Georgia. Check out the following testimonials to better understand our reach and positive community impact.  

* I would just like to thank the RANDAF for providing workshops for Diabetes awareness. I have attended the workshops and they have really been beneficial for me. I was diagnose October 2012 with type 2 diabetes and in February 2013 I attended diabetes workshop presented by Gigi Osoria-Cole. I received valuable information in this workshop that is helping me reverse my diabetes. When I went back to my doctor for my follow up my A1C levels had gone down by 3 points. The information Gigi Osoria-Cole presented and how she broke it down made it simple and plain for everyone who was there to relate.  Gigi Osoria-Cole has a gift of connecting with people and helping them to live, reverse, or prevent having diabetes. Thank you to RANDAF and Gigi Osoria-Cole for providing workshops on Diabetes awareness they are saving and changing lives.

- Ville' M.

* Hi Mutima. 
Just wanted to share my thoughts on the Diabetes workshop that I got a chance to come to back in January. I must say I was very pleased with the information that you & your team shared with us as well the feedback from questions that myself and others asked. I've shared what I've learned with people that I've come in contact with about the workshop/diabetes.
I'm looking forward to the next meeting as well as bringing along others to attend your workshop. I think the stance that you’re working so hard to push towards is just awesome. This will open up helpful doors for the foundation by spreading the word on preventing the road of diabetes. Keep up the great works! Once again thank you so much!

-Devonte' E.

* All I can say is WOW! The workshops you guys conduct are phenomenal! I thought I knew everything about diabetes, until I sat in the class and realized that it’s so much info about this Diabetes that people don't know or realize. The Diabetes Educator Gigi was very informative and did a great job. I'm going to tell all my friends and family about these workshops. Keep up the great work!

-Eugene K.

I learned about RANDAF after picking up a flyer at the West End Library in Atlanta, Georgia. After suffering from a heart attack in August 2012, which left me in a coma, rehabilitation and a nursing home for a period of four months; I knew I needed some type of group setting to help me work through my issues. After getting home, I become insulin dependent. The support group environment proved to be very helpful service for me. After having diabetes for the last six years, the foundation has a very positive impact on my type 2 diabetes providing information, resources for supplies and services, an opportunity to discuss the highs and lows of having diabetes, and a place to discuss the feeling of living with insulin dependent diabetes and family and friends support and lack of support.

-Charlene D

* Mrs. Mutima Anderson always shows dedication and care. I met her at the Dollar Tree in the West End when she came in to buy socks. She invited me to her support group. She was so funny and made me feel comfortable talking about my health. She also help me get a diabetes meter and stripes when I could not afford it due to financial troubles.  Mrs. Mutima calls and checks on me and i dont doubt that her organization is truly helping people.

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